The Meads have been awarded the Quality Mark as a Values-based School. As well as this, our work with the environment has been recognised with the Eco Schools Silver Award


Today, 22nd of October...
We wish a happy birthday to
Nailah (Buzzards).

Did you know that...

The most common name for a shopping center in United Kingdom is ´Arndale´.


Head's welcome

RichardDear Parents:

On behalf of the staff, the School Governors and the Local Authority, may I take this opportunity to welcome you and your children to The Meads Primary School.

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Our Mission Statement


At The Meads we are proud to celebrate each child as an individual with unique needs, aspirations and beliefs. We aim to give each child the opportunity to flourish and develop through a nurturing, creative and engaging learning journey, enabling them to take responsibility for their own learning. Our values programme promotes diversity and unites children, parents, staff, governors and the wider community in our shared vision to help our children to become emotionally intelligent, resilient and socially responsible individuals who set and achieve the highest standards for themselves.

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Our Values

October 2018

This month's value is Respect. Respect is care and cosideration for friends, people, property, nature, etc.

eSafety adviser

Reporting Inappropriate Google Predictive Search Results

Common complaints from children in esafety lessons usually include some of the results they come across when carrying out a search, for example on Google. Equally and widely reported in the media are some of the extraordinary ‘predictions’ you...

YouTube Inappropriate Content

When talking to children in online safety lessons, a good number of them report seeing inappropriate content on YouTube. Apart from switching everything off, there isn’t a single solution that works well for everybody, even YouTube ‘Restricted...

Sexting Guidance – Updated

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Computing Curriculum and Online Safety

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Educating e-Safety by Fear?

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ValuesEducationThe Meads have been awarded the Quality Mark as a Values-based School, supporting the personal, social and spiritual development of every pupil throughout the school.

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